Wedding Planner

To Have or Have Not

A wedding planner is an option that more and more brides and their mothers are choosing these days. This consultant is a facilitator, mediator, and all around maker of dreams. If you have ever been involved in a wedding in any capacity, you know that stress is a major factor of most wedding planning and wedding days. This consultant can act as therapist, confidante, sounding board, and even a buffer between the mother and the bride if need be.

Whether you choose to hire a consultant or not will be determined by your budget and how much you prefer to do yourself. Most wedding consultants have different packages ranging from just being there to coordinate the wedding day all the way to planning the entire wedding.

If you decide to hire a wedding planner, you need to interview each possible candidate carefully. You must feel very confidant that this person can put your ideas and dreams into action. They must be a person that you feel very comfortable with on a personal level. You must also trust their ability to negotiate good deals for you.

A wedding consultant must be able to remain calm in a variety of circumstances. He or she must be well organized and have a good fashion sense. He or she should have a knowledge of all the elements of a wedding--music, flowers, food, color, themes, etc. A knowledge of traditions, customs, and differing religions is also very helpful. A wedding consultant should also be a good negotiator. He or she is responsible for getting the bride and groom the best service from various vendors at the lowest price. They should have good connections with a variety of vendors and be good at handling finances.

Although hiring a wedding consultant will be an added expense, a good consultant might be able to save you money in the long run by securing the best deals possible and organizing your wedding efficiently. Whether you hire a consultant for the entire wedding planning process or not, I strongly recommend that you have someone who knows what they are doing--either a professional or a good friend with experience-- to coordinate your wedding day and relieve some of the stress from the bride and her mother.

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