Wedding Photographer

Capturing the Memories to Last a Lifetime

Your wedding photographer is an important part of your wedding.After all the plans have been made and the months of planning and preparation have culminated in your wedding day, you will likely go through that day as if in a dream--both the bride and her mother! Even though being in a state of excitement and euphoria seem like a good thing, the chances are that when it is over, you will remember very little--especially of the details that you worked so hard on for so many months.

A good photographer can capture these details, as well as the major moments so that you can relive both what you remember and what you missed!

When all is said and done, the only thing left after the wedding (other than the marriage, of course) are the wedding photos and video.

Choosing your photographer is one of the most important decisions you will make. Recommendations from friends who loved their photographer are a good start. Looking through photographers' websites for examples of their work is also a good thing to do.

But the most important thing is to sit down and talk to the photographer and look at actual albums they have put together. In addition the quality of their work, you need to choose a photographer who can take the kind of shots you want. Will you want mainly posed, formals or do you prefer a lot of candids with shots of details like flowers, decorations, and the beads and crystals on your dress?

Other things to consider are price and how long will they spend with you on your wedding day. And the final thing is how comfortable do you feel with the photographer. Since you will probably be spending several hours on the most important day of your life with this person, and they will be "calling some of the shots," so to speak, you will need to feel comfortable with this person.

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Videography complements still photography as it preserves the sounds, movement, and emotion of this most special day. It helps you to relive the many beautiful moments that you probably will find very hazy the day after the wedding.

As your photographs do, your video should reflect your vision and style. Spend time viewing the wedding videos of friends and relatives, and interview several videographers before choosing one.

And be sure to view a complete video of a wedding from any videographer that you consider. If you see only clips of different weddings, you will probably only be seeing the best clips from each wedding. And you will want to see how that videographer captures the whole wedding and the style and techniques he uses.

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