Wedding Music

The wedding music you choose sets the mood for the ceremony and adds to the festivities of your reception. It also highlights special events such as the bride's entrance and the couple's first dance.
The music you select for the ceremony may be strictly instrumental or may include vocal selections. It may be produced by an organist or a string quartet. Flutists, harpists, and trumpeters are also popular choices.

Music for the reception is usually provided by a live band or a disc jockey. Which type of music provider you choose will be determined by your personal preference and your budget. Some prefer a live band because of the energy they provide, while others prefer a dj because they cost less and have a greater selection of music.

In either case it is advisable to see the band or dj that you are considering in action before hiring them. Some musicians book through an agency and some deal directly with the clients themselves.

Money Saving Hints

1. Use classical/wedding music on CD for the ceremony. Be sure to have someone who is familiar with the site's sound system on hand to take care of the recorded music.

2. Rather than hiring separate musicians for the ceremony, find out if the keyboardist of the band you hired for the reception could provide the music for the ceremony.

3. If your ceremony venue is a church, inquire as to whether there is a church organist who would provide the music, and if so, what the charge would be.

4. And, of course, if one of your friends or a friend of your family is a good musician, ask them to provide the music.

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