Wedding Makeup

Pretty as a Picture

How you prepare your skin for your wedding makeup will insure that you will be positively glowing on your big day. You should begin a good skin care regimen as soon as possible if you are not already practicing one.

A good skin care system consists of five steps:


--removing makeup, dirt and debris from your face with a cleanser formulated for your skin type

2. EXFOLLIATING--removing dead skin cells that accumulate on your skin

3. TONING--minimizing pores

4. MOISTURIZING--adding hydration with a moisturizer formulated for your skin type

5. PROTECTING--shielding skin from harmful UVA/UVB rays and other damaging environmental elements

Practicing these elements of skin care daily in the weeks and months prior to your wedding will prepare your skin for your wedding makeup the way an artist prepares his canvas before he paints a beautiful picture.

If you have problems with acne, you might want to see a dermatologist. Do this as soon as possible so that any remedy he prescribes will have time to work.

Having a facial prior to your wedding day can add to the glow of your skin. Just be sure to do it at least a week before your wedding to avoid any breakouts or redness.

Drinking 8 to 10 glasses of water a day is always a good idea. It keeps your body hydrated and will help clear blemishes and makes your skin more luminous. It can be difficult to drink that much water, but it is worth the effort. Try cutting out soda, coffee, tea or other beverages and drink water with all your meals as well as various times throughout the day.

On your wedding day you can apply your wedding makeup yourself, have a friend apply it or hire a professional makeup artist. Be sure that you have tried any products you are using before that day to avoid any reactions.


*Your foundation should match your skin color.

*Use the correct shade of concealer and powder--too light will make you appear washed out.

*Blend makeup well.

*Use a hydrating facial cream to make your skin supple and radiant.

*Use natural, matte colors of makeup

*Use products to make your hands smooth and soft.

*Use professional brushes rather than sponges for the best application of makeup.

*Match the level of glamour in your makeup to the style of your dress.

*Use blotters to absorb excess oil and unwanted shine without ruining your makeup.

*Get rid of dry, cracked lips.

*Use a matte lip color, not ultra shiny or frosted lip glosses. *Use a lip liner pencil.

*Color the entire lip with lip liner, before applying lip stick. The color will stay longer.

*For pouty lips, apply a small dot of gloss to the center of lips.

*Use an eyelash curler to accentuate eyelashes (before mascara to avoid breaking lashes).

*Brush eyebrows upward and outward to lift the eye. Spray brush with hairspray so they will stay put.

*Use water proof mascara for obvious reasons.

*Use a thin line of eyeliner rather than a heavy line.

*Apply matching eye shadow over eye liner to soften and provide longer wear.

*Use a little more blush than normal for your pictures.

*Use a powder blush so you have more control over how much is applied.

*Nails should look natural--sheer pinks or French manicure.

*Ask one of your maids or your mom to keep an eye on you and let you know if you need a touch up of powder, blush or lipstick.

*Make sure you have an emergency kit with you at the ceremony, reception and during the picture taking.

*And finally--RELAX! This is your day and you want to be as stress free as possible to enjoy it.

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