Wedding Flowers

Wedding flowers are an important accent at your wedding. From the bouquets carried by the bride and her maids to the altar arrangements and aisle markers to the centerpieces at the reception, flowers can add an exquisite touch of beauty.

Flowers can also be one of the big expenses. So each couple or bride and her mother need to decide how much of the budget they want to spend on flowers. Wedding flowers can be dramatic and showy or simple and lovely. Spending less money on flowers is possible without detracting from the beauty of your special day.

I would suggest that you begin by collecting pictures of bridal flowers--bouquets, centerpieces, altar arrangements--that you like. These can be from online sources or bridal magazines.

Then decide on several florists to interview. If you attended a wedding recently where you noticed the flowers, find out from that bride or her mother who the florist was. If you don't have anyone to ask, use the yellow pages or google in florists for your area.

Sometimes you will find florists who work from their homes. Usually they can save you some money because they do not have the overhead of a store.

The florist who did the bouquets, corsages, and boutenierre's for my daughter's wedding was one who did flowers from her own home. She was suggested to me by two people. I had interviewed several florists who were very nice and gave me similar estimates. We chose Mary Ann of Floral Memories and More, when she said that as she made each bouquet, she prayed for the bride. I definitely figured we could use some prayers! And she did a lovely job.

The other person who worked on the flowers for my daughter's wedding was her aunt, my sister in law. She makes lovely silk flower arrangements for her house. I had always admired them, so I asked if she would do the altar arrangements and the centerpieces for the reception. And she graciously said yes.

I began collecting silk flowers at Michaels and Hobby Lobby whenever they were on sale. And my sister in law turned them into beautiful arrangements. And because they are silk, I use several of them to decorate my house even now!

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Your wedding flowers can be chosen for their wonderfully symbolic meanings as well as their color. If you are looking for wedding flower symbolism, hop over to . This great website is full of lists of names of flowers and their meanings as well as ideas of how to incorporate them into your wedding, floral arrangements and garden.

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