Wedding Favors

Wedding favors are small presents given to the guests by the bride and groom at the reception. These favors are something that the guests can take home to remember your special day.

Memorable and unique wedding favors will let the guests know that their presence was important to you, and that you were glad they attended your wedding.

Your wedding favors can reflect the theme of your wedding or the couple's personalities or special interests.

Favors need not be expensive to be memorable. If you choose to make your own favors, be sure to do so before the last minute. It may take more time than you think.

Inexpensive wedding favors are easy to make at home. You can bake dozens of your favorite cookies. Wrap them in tulle or tissue paper. You can personalize the cookie by writing your names and the date of the wedding on each cookie with icing. Use tulle or tissue paper that matches the colors in your wedding.

Candy is also a good favor. You can purchase personalized M&M's, wrap them in a tulle circle or place them in a box or other inexpensive favor purchased in the wedding aisle of Wal Mart, Michael's or Hobby Lobby. Or you could do the same thing with Jordan almonds or homemade candy.

Packets of seeds are a cute favor for outdoor weddings. The guests can then plant the seeds and enjoy the flowers in their own gardens or yards.

The ideas for wedding favors are endless. Some couples are choosing to have a candy buffet. They place different types of candy in pretty containers on a table and allow the guests to make their own candy favors.

Below are just a few of the cute wedding favors I have seen recently.

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