Wedding Etiquette

Wedding etiquette--The practices and forms prescribed by social convention or by authority to make your wedding day flawless.

In today's society, many people don't give much thought to etiquette. However, the rules of etiquette actually cause a society to be more civilized. Examples are business etiquette, netiquette (rules of etiquette for the use of the internet) and general etiquette concerning polite behavior (often overlooked in our busy society).

Planning a wedding is a good time to brush up on the rules of etiquette. It may not seem like a big deal--but if you break a rule, it might be quite noticeable!

There are certain rules of etiquette in a wedding that are expected by those involved, such as tipping . There are certain rules that make sure everything is taken care of, such as duties of the people involved and who pays for what . There are rules that must be followed so that your guests won't think that you are ignorant and rules to prevent someone from getting their toes (feelings) stepped on!

There are rules for invitations , bridal showers, seating of special guests at the ceremony, toasts, thank you notes , and just about every aspect of the wedding and reception. There are rules, rules, and more rules.

Now, some people think that rules are made to be broken. And convention is made to be defied. However, a wedding day is not necessarily the time to do this.

If your event is going to be extremely formal, you will need to know and follow ALL the rules of etiquette (Emily Post or Miss Manners will be your guide).

If your event is going to be less formal or even casual, you have more freedom to decide which rules of decorum you will follow. Just remember this--you may get by with ignoring some unimportant rules, but if you flaunt a big one it could be a major faux pas that people will discuss for years!

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