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Shopping for wedding dresses with your daughter is an experience like no other. When she steps out of the dressing room the first time in a white or ivory bridal gown, you will likely experience a lump in your throat and flashbacks to the beautiful baby she once was. And when the bridal consultant places a veil on her head, be prepared for tears to come to your eyes.

More than any other aspect of wedding planning or shopping, the dress brings a new perspective. All of a sudden you have tangible proof that your daughter is soon going to be a bride. And following that she is going to be someone's wife. And even though she will always be your little girl, another role will take precedence in her life.

When you have wiped the tears away, it will be time to help your daughter choose her special dress for her special day.

My tips for making this a pleasant experience are:

1. Before the shopping even begins, you and Starry Eyed Daughter should have reviewed the budget to see what price range you are looking in. Wedding dresses can get very expensive.

Do NOT start looking at $10,000 gowns if your budget calls for an expenditure of less than $1000!! And you CAN find beautiful gowns for less than a thousand. In many cases FAR less than $1000.

BUT, if you start off looking outside of your price range you will certainly find even more beautiful dresses. And then it will be hard to go back to your price range. That sometimes causes more to be spent on the dress than originally intended.

2. The bride should probably limit the number of people that she brings to give their opinion on the wedding dresses. Perhaps she should bring only her mother or her mother and her maid of honor. Too many opinions can be confusing.

3. Things to consider when buying a wedding gown are the type of wedding you are having, the

style of the dress, and your body type. You might also take into consideration the material that the dress is made of, and how it will look with the accessories you would like to wear.

The most important accessory to the bridal gown is the veil. Other accessories might be a headpiece, jewelry, shoes, undergarments, and gloves.

4. Look at wedding dresses online before you begin to shop. You might even make a list of dress numbers you would like to try on. It can also save time and gasoline to call stores before going out to make sure they carry what you are wanting to see.

5. Be sure you have plenty of time to shop. You don't want to make this a rushed decision.

6. Be as rested as possible.

7. If either or both of you have any ideas about what you like before you start looking--share those thoughts.

8. Do not be afraid to try something on that wasn't what you had in mind! Sometimes that will be the very one that you love!

9. Be patient with each other! Moms--give constructive comments, but remember (within your price range) the decision is hers. Daughters--listen to your mom, sister or maid of honor, and the bridal consultant. But go with your heart. If it makes you look beautiful and if it feels as comfortable as possible , choose it.

10. Some brides choose the first dress they try on. Some try on dresses forever. While I would not recommend choosing the very first dress without trying on a few more, you can definitely get carried away. Too many can be confusing.

11. If you don't find a dress after a few hours, it might be better to come back or go to a different store on a different day. You don't want to start getting crabby (either mom or daughter) and you don't want to make the decision of which among many wedding dresses to choose when you are just in a hurry to get it over with!


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