The Wedding Ceremony

For Better, For Worse, For Richer, For Poorer

The wedding ceremony is the most important event of your wedding day. This is the event where two people take the vows that will legally and spiritually unite them as husband and wife.

This part of the wedding day should most definitely be planned by the bride and groom with the help of the officiant. If asked, the parents of both or either may give their opinions. If not asked, it is best for the parents (including the mother of the bride) to say nothing!

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The first two things that the bride and groom need to decide on regarding the ceremony will be the location and the officiant. They should also decide on a theme if that is something they want to have. Theme weddings are quite popular these days.

The most common location for a wedding ceremony is a house of worship. Other locations to consider are a park, a garden, your back yard, the beach, the mountains, a hotel, a banquet hall, a museum, a mansion, a vineyard or another interesting location in your area. Destination weddings are also very popular.

If you know the location you want, you should begin by investigating the terms and logistics of getting married in that location.

If you are looking at different possibilities, it is best to call potential sites ahead of time to find out their availability and capacity so that you don't waste time traveling to locations that are not available or do not suit your needs.

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