The Wedding Cake

The centerpiece of the reception is the wedding cake. Your goal is to have a cake that is beautiful and tastes delicious. That seems simple, but is not necessarily so. Some cakes are lovely and elaborate, but disappointing when eaten. Other cakes are not as appealing to the eye, but are delightful when tasted.

One thing about choosing a wedding cake is that it is usually a "tasty" experience. If your reception site or your caterer arranges for cakes, that is the best place to begin. Make sure you arrange a tasting even if you are assured by the caterer or reception site that their cakes are excellent. If your vendors do not provide a cake or you don't like the choices they provide, then talk to friends who have been pleased with their wedding cakes and get the names of the baker/cake designer. Attend bridal fairs where many bakeries are represented. Visit well known bakeries in your area. Talk to wedding vendors who you have already chosen, such as the photographer. Many times they have names that they recommend.

I actually picked up the business card of a cake designer when I went to arrange for chair rental. It turned out she made cakes in her home, and she lived less than a mile from me. I arranged a meeting to look at her cakes and pricing. The next time my daughter was in town, we went for a cake tasting (actually we went to a bridal show and another bakery for cake testings also--you never can be too sure!)

Her cakes were delicious and beautiful and considerably less expensive than the bakeries in the area. So that met our criteria. All that was left was for Starry Eyed Daughter and Future Son-in-Law to choose the design, the topper, the fillings, and the groom's cake.

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