Thank You Notes

The only correct way to say “thank you” for wedding gifts is with personal thank you notes. A personal thank you note is the only way to express sincere appreciation for a gift. Just telling someone how much you appreciate the gift is not enough.

*Do not send a preprinted card. A personalized, sincere handwritten note will tell the gift giver how much you appreciate their gift and how it will be treasured by you. Handwritten notes show that you sincerely appreciate both the gift and the giver.

*Send thank you notes to friends and family members who gave showers or parties for you. It is permissible to thank them for their shower or party in the same note in which you thank them for their gift.

*Use your new address as the return address on your notes. This will give your friends and family your correct new address.

*Write your notes with blue or black ink. It is easier to read.

*If you get more than one gift from an individual, you must write a note for each gift. For example, if you get a shower gift from someone, and then, later, receive a wedding gift from the same person, it is not appropriate to send only one card for both gifts.

*Shower gifts should be acknowledged within ten days of the shower and wedding gifts within two weeks after the honeymoon. Wedding gifts which arrive before the wedding should be responded to immediately.

Examples of Thank You Notes


Dearest Uncle John and Aunt Sue,

Thank you so much for the beautiful quilt. David and I love it! It is so sweet of you to give us such a family heirloom. We will treasure it always. We both thank you very much.

Much love,



Dear Mrs. Smith,

We just received the beautiful crystal vase you sent to our house. It is lovely and David and I will think of you each time we fill it with flowers. Thank you so much.

Yours truly,

Melinda Jones


Dear Friends,

Thank you so much for the comforter, pillow shams and bed skirt you have so kindly given to us for our new home. David and I really appreciate you kindness. You are a great group of people to work with.


Melinda Jones

If less than ten people have gone in on the gift, you should write a personal note to each one. If more than ten have gone in and signed the card, as is the case of coworkers in the same office, a note placed on the bulletin board is sufficient. As you see each person, though, be sure to thank them individually.


Dearest Aunt May,

David and I want to thank you so much for the check you sent for our wedding. We are saving our money for a down payment on our first home, and this money will certainly help out. This was so thoughtful of you. We hope to be inviting you to see our new house someday soon.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon.



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