What's A Mother of the Bride to Do?

The phone rings or the doorbell chimes...it's Starry Eyed Daughter with Handsome Boyfriend. "Guess what, Mom! We're engaged."

In the blink of an eye Handsome Boyfriend becomes Future Son in Law and your world is plunged into a whirlwind of wedding planning.

And you get ready to step into your role as mother of the bride! The mother of the bride has a major role in wedding planning. There was a time when it was THE major role because the mother of the bride was usually the person in charge of all the plans.

However, modern brides often take the lead in planning their own weddings. Sometimes that is because the bride is mature enough to know exactly what she wants and how to go about getting it, and sometimes that is because the bride and groom are financially able to foot the bill or a large portion of it.

Whatever the reason, today's mother of the bride tends to take a more supportive role. One of the first things you and your daughter need to decide is exactly what role she wants you to fulfill. The choices might be:

1. Major planner--some brides don't have a clue as to what goes into making this day a dream not a nightmare. Some brides don't want to know--they want to be a guest at their own wedding. And some brides live in another location and will need for you to do most of the foot work.

2. Passive bystander--some brides want to plan and do everything. They have ideas they've been dreaming about since they were little girls.

3. Supportive confidant--whether your role will be major planner or passive bystander, you will need to be supportive confidant. Both for your daughter's sake and yours. This can be a wonderful way of sharing the most important time of your daughter's life up to this point.

Let your daughter tell you which role she wants you to play. Remember, even though you'll feel like this day belongs to YOU--it really belongs to HER.

Once you have determined your role, it is time to get started with the wedding planning. We are here to help both mother and daughter make this a time of joy with as little stress as possible!

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