Creative Wedding Cakes

Creative wedding cakes are beautiful and memorable centerpieces to the wedding reception. Look through bridal magazines and the web sites of various bakeries to get an idea of what you want.

Be sure that your baker has experience making the kind of cake you choose.

Traditionally, wedding cakes were tiered and white. They were decorated with either fresh or icing flowers. Many cakes today are variations on the traditional cake.

White is still the most popular color, but chocolate and a variety of other colors are gaining in popularity. Round tiers are popular but so are square tiers. Sometimes the tiers of the cake may be arranged on pedestals of varying heights. A wedding cake made up of cupcakes can also be chosen.

The cake itself can be a variety of flavors with a variety of fillings. If it is hard to limit it to a particular flavor, you can have different tiers made from different flavors.

The cake is usually topped with some kind of cake topper or flowers.

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