More on Bridal Gowns

Information for the Bride

Terms you might find useful when looking for bridal gowns.

A LINE The classic A-line style will flatter and slender almost any figure and is characterized by the fitted bodice with no waist but gently flares at or near the natural waistline.

BABY RUFFLES are row upon row of lace arranged one above another. May be found referred to as "Tiers of Lace

BALL GOWN styling features the popular off-the-shoulder bodice, with a snugly fitted natural waistline, flowing into a lavishly gathered, full, and flowing skirt.

BASQUE WAIST features a fitted bodice with a deep V point dropping at the front and center of the waistline of the bridal gown.

BOLERO JACKET is a short jacket with an open front, curved below the bustline and above the natural waistline.

BOUFFANT is a very, very full skirted bridal gown most often accompanied by a hoop slip

BOX-PLEATED SKIRT features a natural waist, with deep pleats of parallel fabric folds.

BUSTLES were originally thick padding worn to create a draping effect, on the back, below the waistline to bring fullness to the back of the skirt. Lifting the center back of the train to the waistline and attaching it there with buttons or hooks may also create a bustle effect.

DIAMOND ORGANZA RUFFLES feature layers of ruffled organza, hemmed with a fine "fish line" along the edge of the ruffles, creating a full, rippling effect, often cascading into the train.

EMPIRE styling features a narrow bodice complimented with any neckline style, and gathered or sewn high at the waist, just beneath the bustline, to a slender and graceful skirt.

PICKUP HEMLINE features a bridal gown whose fabric is gathered at one point and draped in a curve effect to another point and gathered again, several times, to encircle the gown.

PEPLUMS can be flared and full or lay flat against your gown, attached at the back waistline. Peplums are beautifully decorated to give the back of your gown an elegant, old fashioned appearance.

PRINCESS styling features a slim fitting gown with a gently flared skirt and vertical seams flowing from the shoulders to the hem.

REDINGCOAT SKIRT has the appearance of an open skirt (satin overskirt Effect) covering the skirt of an A-line or full gown.

RUFFLES are strips of fabric gathered or pleated to be used as trim.

SHEATH styling features a slim, body hugging gown without a waistline.

TRUMPET SKIRT features a slim, body hugging gown that gently flares out beginning mid-thigh.

MERMAID styling features a slim, body-hugging gown, with or without a waistline, flaring from the knees or slightly above.

KEYHOLE BACK features a gown with an opening in the back, (most popular as a long wide slit from the neckline to mid-back.) May also be a circular or heart shaped opening