Bridal Beauty

Be Picture Perfect on your Wedding Day

Preparing for the maximum bridal beauty actually begins months--even years--before the wedding day. Nothing will enhance your beauty like a lifestyle of healthy eating, exercise , and a good skin care program.

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If these are not currently elements of your everyday life, then begin the moment the engagement becomes official to incorporate them into your lifestyle.

Not only will you want to look your loveliest for your groom and those who see you on your wedding day, you will also want to look picture perfect for the photographs.

And a special note to the bride's mother: you will have to be in at least a few of the pictures also, so get started on your beauty routine as soon as possible. If you and your daughter live in the same town, you might spend some mother daughter bonding time at a local health club or YMCA.

The task may seem daunting, but get going--you will look and feel better both on the big day and the stressful days leading up to that day.

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