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Who I am and What I'm Doing Here

I have always been fascinated with weddings. As a young girl I always drew pictures of brides and bridesmaids. I loved looking at wedding dresses, and I loved going to weddings. I would spend hours planning different types of weddings in my mind!

I enjoyed planning my own wedding 26 years ago, but I really loved being involved with the planning of my daughter's wedding last year.

Because my daughter was finishing college in another town at the time she was planning her wedding, she would send me links to different ideas that she would find on the internet so I could see some of her plans for the wedding.

During this time I got hooked on looking at wedding idea sites, photographer sites, wedding cake sites, flower sites, etc., etc., etc.

After the wedding I found myself still going back to those sites, as well as wandering through the bridal aisle at Michael's and Hobby Lobby every time I was there! Obviously, I was still obsessed with weddings--and besides, I have another daughter who may someday be planning a wedding.

At the same time I was experiencing a definite change in my life. My oldest daughter had married and moved out of state, my youngest had graduated from high school and gone to college, and I had retired after 31 years of teaching. So now what?

The internet was something I had never gotten too involved with, but I began to explore it in my new found free time. One thing led to another and to another and here I am with my own web site.

I cannot tell you the fun I have had setting up this site, and the fun I have continuing to work on it. Finding out about SBI was a real blessing. I had absolutely NO idea what I was doing. They have had the best, easiest to understand, step by step instructions I could ever ask for.

I hope you enjoy For My Daughter's Wedding. And if you would like to turn an interest, hobby, or business of yours into a web site, I certainly recommend SBI! Right now you can save $100 on Solo Build It !!!!!!!!

Retirees have great success with SBI!...

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